FGASF-Gas Company Certification
From 4 July 2009 it became a legal requirement for all businesses that Install, Maintain or Service stationary Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and/or Heat Pump equipment containing or designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants are required to obtain an F-Gas Company Certification.
Fluorinated greenhouse gases (F gases) are powerful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming if released into the atmosphere. Their effect can be much greater than carbon dioxide. Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) are all types of F gas.
HFCs are the most common type of F gases and are mainly used as the refrigerant in air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems. F gases are also used in other areas such as fire protection systems, solvents, high voltage switchgear, types of aerosols and in specialised industrial processes.
Who is affected?
Many commercial, industrial and public sector organisations have obligations under the EU F gas Regulation. In particular, the five main industry sectors affected by the EU F gas Regulation are:
– Stationary refrigeration
– Air conditioning and heat pumps
– Fire protection systems and fire extinguishers
– Mobile air conditioning
– High voltage switchgear
End users and contractors may both have obligations, as may equipment manufacturers and distributors. There are legal obligations for companies and qualification requirements for personnel working in the five industry sectors as well as other requirements relating to:
– Leakage checking of equipment.
– Recovery of F gas from equipment during maintenance, servicing and at end of life.
– Reporting of annual F gas import, export and production figures
– Labelling of equipment containing F gas (and inclusion of information in instruction manuals)
Eco Cooling Energy Solutions is a fully certified F-GAS company.  Certification Number:  2000576