Eco-Cool 4u offer our services to clients interested in both reducing their running costs and environmental impact. Our expert staff design and install a full range of renewable heating technologies which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Heat Pumps
The heat pump is the best choice for heating your home these systems are relatively new for residential heating applications but as a renewable energy technology they are ideally suited for our climate where winters are relatively mild.
The heat pump is the most practical and economical way to keep your home warm and comfortable. With your new system, you’ll be able to maintain the desired comfort level in your home while saving on your monthly energy bill.
Heat pumps offer numerous advantages:
– Heat pumps offer efficiency gains on the order of 3:1 and higher, compared to electrical heating. Thus for every unit of energy consumed three or more units of heat are gained making a pump highly energy efficient.
– Heat pumps extract freely available heat from the outside air or ground, so no fossil fuel is burnt to heat your home – an important advantage in the area of efficiency and lower running costs
– Some of our heat pump systems used to heat can also be used to cool.
We offer products from the leading heating brands including:
Nibe Geothermal Heat Pumps
– Ecodan Air-Source Heat Pumps
– Kingspan Solar Thermal Systems
Whether we’re installing heating systems in a new build or retrofitting an existing property, these products don’t cost a lot more than a standard oil fired heating system, yet they are three times as efficient and cost half and much to run as traditional systems.